“AP Method to Autism Therapy” Conference– Philippines

Autism Partnership Philippines will invite experts to share a wide range of topics related to autism through real-life case videos, speeches and Q&A sessions. The one-day conference will present common problems of children with ASD as well as strategies that focus on positive and progressive approaches on a child’s learning journey. Among other topics are autism identification in young and high functioning children, teaching creative play skills, social skills for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School children and teaching children with autism in group.

Date: November 16, 2019(Saturday)
Time: 9:00am to 4:30pm
Venue: TBC
Topic1. Autism Identification in Young and High Functioning Children
2. General Treatment Direction in Young and High Functioning Children
3. Teaching Imaginary and Creative Play Skills to Children with Autism
4. Teaching Social Skills in Kindergarten Class
5. Teaching Social Skills for Primary and Secondary School Students
6. Essential Skills and Strategies for Teaching Children with Autism in a Group
Fee: Free of Charge

For more information, please contact Liezl or Myra:
Telephone No. (632)655-3094/ (632) 717-2643
Email: workshop@autismpartnershipph.com

Toby Mountjoy 先生
理學碩士, 國際認證行為分析師, 董事
Toby Mountjoy先生師承於三位世界級自閉症權威專家,包括:Ronald Leaf博士, John McEachin博士 及 Mitchell Taubmanhi博士
M.S. ABA, BCBA, 應用行為分析治療培訓總監
馮耀文(Raymond)為國際認證行為分析師 (BCBA),擁有聖克勞德州立大學「應用行為分析」碩士(M.S. ABA)學位,現正修讀布里斯托大學的教育博士(EdD)課程;他是香港行為分析學會 (HKABA) 會議主席,國際行為分析協會 (ABAI) 的會員,香港公開大學自閉症碩士課程兼任講師。
David Fischer 博士
心理學博士, 國際認證行為分析師(博士級)
在Sandra Harris博士的教導下,David Fischer博士於美國魯特格斯大學取得臨床心理學博士學位。
Dr. Harold Sia
M.D., Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician
He is a Fellow & Member of the Board of Trustees of the Phil Pediatric Society and the Phil Society for Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.
Dr. Francis Dimalanta
M.D., Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician
Head of the Section of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, Asst Head & former Residency Training Officer of the Institute of Pediatrics and Child Health at St Luke's Medical Center -Global City.
M.S. ABA, BCBA, 愛培自閉症基金研究總監
張詩琪(Yvonne)為國際認證行為分析師 (BCBA),擁有聖克勞德州立大學「應用行為分析」碩士
  • Certificate of Participation will be sent through email within 2 weeks after the conference.
  • Register the name of each participant. Each will be acknowledged and confirmed slot cannot be shared with others.
  • This is an adult event. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed.
  • If necessary, you can transfer your admission to others ONCE. Notification must be provided to AP at least 7 working days prior to the conference date for changing the registration list.
  • 開始時間
    十一月 16, 2019(週六) 9:00 上午
  • 結束時間
    十一月 16, 2019(週六) 4:30 下午
  • 地點
  • 電話
    +632 655 3094
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