A Work in Progress Video Series


A Work in Progress Video Series

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Building on the seminal guide and curriculum A Work in Progress, Autism Partnership has followed up with this highly anticipated companion series that synthesizes solid information on various teaching strategies with demonstrations of actual sessions with students on DVD. The goal at Autism Partnership has always been to blend a natural – child-friendly approach to teaching while remaining determinedly systematic. This series offers viewers the unique opportunity to see these approaches implemented in actual teaching environments.

  • Volume 1:“ Cool” versus “ Not Cool”
  • Volume 2:Learning How to Learn
  • Volume 3:Teaching Interactions
  • Volume 4:Token Economy
  • Volume 5:Developing Reinforcers
  • Volume 6:Bullying and ASD: The Perfect Storm
  • Volume 7:Learning How to Learn II
  • Volume 8:Communication Temptations: Building Spontaneous Language
  • Volume 9:Developing Articulation
  • Volume 10:Video Companion
Author(s):Ron Leaf, Ph.D.,  John McEachin, Ph.D. and Mitchell Taubman, Ph.D.
Format:10 DVDs and a 232 pages book (size: 178 x 250mm)
Product Dimensions:210 x 297 x 40mm
Shipping Weight(Including packing):1400g