Treatment That Changes Lives: Evolution of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

From 7- 10 November 2019, Autism Partnership Hong Kong has invited 4 world-renowned speakers from the United States in sharing their expertise on ASD in Taiwan, Beijing and Hong Kong. The conference will explore the key breakthroughs with the potential to significantly improve quality of life for those on the spectrum. Topics include the heart and evolution of ABA, the case against eclectic interventions, and using ABA principles in group teaching.

Date:7 November, 2019 (Thursday)
Time:9:00am – 4:30pm
Venue:Hall(Main Campus), National Taiwan Normal University
162, Section 1, Heping E. Rd., Taipei City 106, Taiwan
Language:English (with simultaneous translation to Mandarin)
Topic:1. The Heart of Applied Behavior Analysis
2. Using ABA Principles in Group Teaching
3. The Case Against Eclectic Interventions
4. Evolution of ABA
Fees:Free of Charge
Remarks:-Due to limited capacity of the venue, registration is made on a first come first served basis.
-Participants who No Show after confirmation may see limitations to attend future events/consultations services.
-Confirmation email will be sent out on or before Oct 21, 2019.

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Organization ProfessionalsCredit Points
The Behavior Analyst Certification BoardBCBA/ BCaBA7

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Dr. Justin Leaf
  • 9:00am -10:20am
    The Heart of Applied Behavior Analysis

    Intensive behavioral intervention based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis has repeatedly been shown to be effective in improving functional skills, social skills, language skills, and reducing aberrant behavior for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). At the heart of Applied Behavior Analysis is having the individuals whom we work with make meaningful progress which will improve their quality of life. In order for individuals diagnosed with ASD to make meaningful gains, behavioral intervention must be implemented by quality staff. The purpose of this talk is to highlight different areas in which behavioral intervention can make meaningful differences (e.g., food tolerance, bullying, language development). In doing so the presenter will provide recommendations of how to make meaningful progress so practitioners and caregivers can improve the lives of children with whom they provide treatment.

    This topic is designed to give participants an overview of effective procedures that can be used with all ages and functioning levels. The case studies presented will illustrate how to work on behavior issues in various locations.

Mr. Toby Mountjoy
M.Sc., BCBA, Director
Mr. Toby Mountjoy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and holds a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis.
Dr. Ronald Leaf
Ph.D., Co-founder and Director
Ronald Leaf, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who began his career working with Ivar Lovaas in 1973 while receiving his undergraduate degree at UCLA. 
Dr. John McEachin
Ph.D., BCBA, Co-founder and Director
John McEachin is a licensed psychologist who has been providing behavioral intervention to children with autism as well as adolescents and adults with a wide range of developmental disabilities for more than 35 years.
Dr. Justin Leaf
Ph.D., BCBA, Director of Research
Dr. Justin Leaf is the Director of Research and Training for the Autism Partnership Foundation.
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  • Start Date
    November 7, 2019(Thu) 8:50 am
  • End Date
    November 7, 2019(Thu) 4:30 pm
  • Location
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    National Taiwan Normal University
  • Phone
    +852 2174 6818
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  • Language
    English (with simultaneous translation to Mandarin)
  • Accreditation
    BCBA: 7 Credits