During the pandemic, many parents of children with ASD reflected that visiting hospital or doing treatment in centres are challenging. However, the golden time of early intervention for children with ASD is precious. The later the treatment is being received, the more difficult for the children to be able to pick up skills in different areas. Knowing the importance of early intervention, Autism Partnership is here to offer professional support and clinical knowledge for parents!

If your child has been diagnosed with ASD, talk to us! We will offer a free consultation conducted by AP experienced consultants to know more about the development of your child and the concerns you have. Through the consultation, you can discuss with the consultants your child’s current treatment,  the current skills and problems your child has related behavior, language and communication skills, play skills, social skills and self-help skills etc.

You may also make an appointment to know more about our ABA service and 1on1 intensive programs.

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The More you Learn About ASD & ABA, the More Possibilities you See!

About Autism Partnership (AP):

Autism Partnership was formed in 1994 in the United States. AP is one of the largest and most established Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service providers for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in the world. Drawing on almost 50 years of experience in ABA and treatment of ASD, the founders of AP started their work under the mentoring of Dr. O. Ivar. Lovaas, a pioneer in the treatment of Autism. They involved in all aspects of projects such as development of intervention curriculum and strategies, implementing and supervising treatment, training therapists, conducting research and contributed to books, journal articles, and conference presentations.

AP is currently operating by professional clinicians and specializes in providing one-on-one therapy, group interventions and overseas consultation for children with ASD and their families. With our headquarters in Los Angeles, AP has offices all over the world including Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Korea, Singapore, Kuwait & Beijing to help more families in needed.

AP Senior Clinical Team:

Email: info@autismpartnershiphk.com
Tel: +852 2526 5200

  • Only open to parents who with child with ASD (diagnosed/ suspected to be ASD)
  • We do not provide assessment in the video consultation; clinical advice and recommendation will be provided from our consultants
  • Only for parents. No child is allowed in the consultation
  • If you are our current AP parent, please contact your consultant directly for more specific advice and services.