April is World Autism Awareness month, dedicated to increasing awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As part of Autism Partnership’s continuous efforts to spread awareness, promote acceptance and ignite change this year, Autism Partnership Singapore is holding an online seminar on Saturday, April 24.

Children with autism have tremendous potential. Unfortunately, the expectations for students with autism have historically been way too low. This has greatly affected how children are taught. Lower expectations have influenced decisions on educational strategies as well as curriculum.

At AP, we believe that every child deserves to thrive, and specifically, the opportunity to realize their inherent potential and achieve the greatest degree of independence and the highest quality of life possible.

With effective ABA programming efforts based on our Autism Partnership Method (APM), we utilize procedures based on experience, clinical research, and evidence to help children autism reach their potential and most importantly maximize the quality of their lives.

This online seminar is designed to provide an overview of the key challenges children with autism commonly face, as well as insightful details on the most effective elements that contribute to the success of your child’s treatment. 

APM is a progressive model of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) that is highly individualized, child friendly, holistic and focused on “in-the-moment analysis” and “clinical judgement”.


Date:April 24, 2021 (Saturday)
Time:9:00 AM – 12:30 PM (SGT)
This seminar is suitable for:Parents and caregivers of children with Autism (ASD) and Professionals working with children with ASD


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Ms. Reshani Satharasinghe
Reshani Satharasinghe
Reshani Satharasinghe holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology from the National University of Singapore and has a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis from St. Cloud State University.
Ms. Nurhayati Ismail
M.Sc. ABA, BCBA, Behavior Consultant
Nurhayati M Ismail holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from University of Southern Queensland and a Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
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    April 24, 2021(Sat) 9:00 am
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    April 24, 2021(Sat) 12:30 pm
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